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Acute and chronic illnesses


Look no further than First Choice Family Medicine

Illness isn’t something to deal with alone. Whether you’ve got the flu or a chronic illness, you’ll need to find a primary care physician who can help manage your condition. Luckily, your search ends with First Choice Family Medicine.

We offer acute and chronic care management services to patients in the Lufkin, TX area. We’ll help you manage symptoms from a cold, the flu, COVID-19 or a heart attack. Plus, we can guide you through medical weight loss. Discuss your care needs with our professionals today.

Providing expert assistance for chronic conditions

While acute illnesses can appear and go away suddenly, chronic conditions develop slowly and need life-long management. Our chronic care management approach involves…

  • Diagnosing conditions early
  • Prescribing medical treatments
  • Teaching self-management techniques
  • Incorporating lifestyle changes

It doesn’t have to be stressful to find a primary care physician who can help with your chronic condition. Speak with the care providers at our clinic today.

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